Be a Good Neighbor


As a resident of our historic neighborhood, there are several simple landscaping modifications that not only have aesthetic value, but also can prevent theft and help our neighborhood remain a safe place for all of our residents.

  • Choose landscaping that is thorny under windows, but be sure that their mature height does not impair natural surveillance.
  • Landscaping near windows should remain below the window sill.
  • Shrubbery and bushes should be trimmed below four (4) feet when near sidewalks, and driveways.
  • Trees should be trimmed so that the lowest branches are not below six (6) feet.
  • Avoid placing landscaping rocks near doors and windows. These provide a means for smashing windows and glass doors.
  • Landscaping should be used along sidewalks and any other areas where you would want to channel a person throughout the property, or to keep them out. Remember the height recommendations.
  • House numbers should be added to the front of the home. For those homes that have a rear alley or entrance, it is recommended that you add house numbers to the rear as well.

More tips can be found on the Fort Wayne Police Department’s website.