Holiday Christmas Party!

West Central’s annual Holiday Christmas Party will be held on December 21, 2015, 7:00 p.m., at the Firefighters Union Hall, 1405 Broadway.

Enjoy appetizers and camaraderie to celebrate another successful West Central year!

Christmas Party

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WCNA Recycle TV & Tire Day – Big Success

It’s amazing the difference a few people can make.  Today we dropped off 45 TVs and 49 tires as part of the City’s neighborhood recycle program. Not only did we clean up our alleys we also earned a little money.  .75 per tire and $1 for each TV.  Thank you to the following people:  Brad G, Donny, Mike W, Mike A, Steve W, Susan S, Trey R, Kathy F, Bobbie T and Joanne B.  We couldn’t have made the impact we did in 3 short hours without all of your help.  BIG thank you to the City of Fort Wayne & Matt Gratz as well!!


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Buyers Sought for West Central Homes

The City’s Office of Housing and Neighborhood Services (OHNS) is seeking residents interested in buying a home in the West Central Neighborhood. The City owns eight blighted homes in the historic neighborhood; the homes will be rehabbed and offered for purchase to moderate- to middle-income residents.  Visit the link for full details!

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Tour Map – Stops, ArtsFest, and Ticket Locations

For additional Tour and ArtsFest information, select Home and Garden Tab.  Then select from the Drop Down Menu!

Tour Map 08-19-15 (no route)Tickets:

$15.00 – days of Tour (available at locations identified on map with a “T”)


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Who Lives There! Colonial Revival Home on West Central Tour

Stop in at this beautiful Colonial Revival home to see who lives there! Our West Central Neighborhood 33rd Annual Home and Garden Tour & ArtsFest is September 12th and 13th!

1404 Swinney Court - Miranda

Photo Credit – Sammuel Hoffman, Journal Gazette

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